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Investigating Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories are of course running rampant now. However, If you haven’t already, I encourage you to research the history of conspiracy theories, where the concept ‘potentially’ originated from, and how just about anything and everything (occurring in the news now) could be ‘considered or classified’ a conspiracy. That’s the trickery. It’s really quite masterful.

Then, after (if) you research, use discernment as though your life depends on it (because it does) to come to your own conclusions on ‘WHAT’ exactly a conspiracy theory 'IS".

In my opinion, the advent of conspiracy theories is one of the greatest and grandest mass manipulations to ever hit planet Earth. Some of them are so blatantly obvious, they're not even conspiracy theories anymore, they’re simply just how shit works, and we’ve simply accepted them normal.

Wanna know the conspiracy theory I subscribe to? Here it is: We are all (no exceptions) profoundly more powerful than we’ve ever been led to think and believe. Our individual thoughts create the collective physical reality we all exist in. Everything is created through thought. All of our thoughts are collectively connected. We are one consciousness. There’s no such thing as death, only transitions in form. Every crisis, everything in the history of planet Earth is a minuscule part of the unfolding story of the evolution of consciousness.

What’s occurring on Earth now, more than ever (I think) is a crisis in consciousness. The virus is a consequence, a manifestation of this crisis, and the most effective way to fight it (as humans) is to change the way we think about ourselves and the world we live in.

We all have a very important role to play in this grandest time on planet Earth. Every single one of us. No exception. You are powerful and you can overcome fear and anxiety (if that's what you're experiencing) now.

The way I came to subscribe to, and adopt this conspiracy theory (which is a scientific truth) is through studying the sciences of Quantum Physics and Epigenetics. For the past 14 months, this is pretty much all I've done when not working or outside with nature.

My dive into the depths of Quantum Physics began in 2013, but something magnificently clear clicked in February of 2019, and my life began to change in the most remarkable and unexpected ways. I was happy and content for no other reason than simply being alive. I did the internal work my studies encouraged me to do, and I found practical ways to apply what I was learning in my everyday life.

For instance, my studies in Quantum Physics and Epigenetics directed me to focus most of my energy on the beauty abound, not on the corruption and greed abound - not to turn a blind eye to, but to NOT let it absorb my light and my energy.

I am deeply saddened and disturbed by what’s occurring now, but I refuse to be a victim of fear, manipulation, and tyranny. I do, however, 100% believe social distancing is of utmost importance now. This virus is real and this virus ‘appears’ evil. But what exactly is the virus? Where is its origin? How did it get here? Why is it affecting certain people more than others?

According to science, the virus is not alive. It’s similar to a virus that infects our computers, which are similar mechanisms to our brains, where are all thought originates. Is technology, too fast, to blame? Are fear and mind control the real virus?

These are a couple of questions I've been asking.So please folks, if only for the sake of our children, and future generations to come, question everything, do the research, do the internal work, make discernment your best friend AND refuse to let fear and manipulation steal your light.

This internal work is no walk in the park (at first), but I promise you, it will eventually liberate you, liberate us all. Creating a state of well being FOR ALL is the most important thing to focus on now. That is how we will survive and eventually thrive again.

Many friends and people I know and already doing the work. This is mostly for people who have asked me how I've shut my front door to fear. There was most definitely a time I knew nothing of what I'm talking about here. I didn’t really start the 'hard internal work and investigation’ until I was 39. I’m only 7 years in and I still have SO much to learn. It does become fun though, a wonderful and ever-changing dance in the park.

Please note: I have zero agenda here but to hopefully inspire, uplift and empower! It is seriously up to us, to save us. Definitely not the effing 3%, and definitely not most of the yahoos in the political arena. We must do this individually, first, then together, for the future of humanity!

Thank you to all (if any 🤣) who read this to the end. Love and blessing to all.

p.s. - if you want a first step (or 3) shoot me a PM (or email if you have it). I'd be more than happy to share the first steps my teachers shared with me. From there, you'll be guided on your own if you 'think, trust and believe' you will. The best medicine for our immune systems (and our world) is our own thoughts and beliefs. This is the scientific truth of Epigenetics and Quantum Physics.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be any Quantum Physics or Epigenetics expert. FAR FROM. I am simply fascinated by both and want to learn more. Also want to help wherever and however I can. If this post brought hope to one person, I have succeeded by sharing.

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