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Convos w/ Nature

Me: What the flip is going on, yo!!!???

Nature: This here present-day storm IS 'The Mother of all Global Storms', and you humans know how scary Mom's can be when you tick them off. And oh, is she pissed. She is, however, also carrying great wisdom and unconditional love in her rage and wants you all to know without an iota of doubt, that this mother of global storms (MOGS from here on out) so too, shall pass.

Me: Good to know. How long will MOGS be raging?

Nature: The answer to that solely (and soulfully) depends on all of you. Not a handful, or even a majority of you, each and every one of you. Here are some suggestions to quiet, slow down and eventually end her rage.

As you ride the first tidal wave (as some already have) you MUST first and foremost listen to the scientists and medical professionals and stay the ef home as much as humanly possible.At home take radical care of yourselves, others in your company and of course your pets and plants. Additionally, pay very close attention to your thoughts and feelings and what you're giving your attention to. Positive & negative thoughts & feelings will fluctuate frequently and are equally important to pay attention to, accept and process.

During this processing time of great change and healing, please trust and know that something much bigger than you have all ever known/imagined/experienced is occurring in tandem with this pandemic storm and that 'this something else' cannot be seen but only heard, felt and known from the inside out. In the long run, this will all make sense and bring about a profoundly brighter day for all.

Me: Whoa. Okay. Heavy. More than noted. What else can we do?

Nature: Do whatever brings you the most joy in your limited space(s) at this time. And of course, stay informed of what's taking place 'out there', but get off the grid (mainstream media especially) for long chunks of time.

And MOST IMPORTANTLY love yourselves and each other more, and more and more, holding to your hearts the fact that every single choice you all make has always had (but more so than ever) a ripple effect upon the entire planet.

You want MOGS's rage to end? Listen, trust and adhere to the advice of scientists and leaders who are not placing blame on anyone, or anywhere, but rather working endlessly and tirelessly to keep as many of you as safe and healthy as possible.

And again, more love, more kindness, more acceptance of all. Put that sentence on repeat in your mind and engrave it in your heart.

Me: Loud and clear Nature, loud and clear, thank you! An apple with peanut butter, a call to my Dad, and a jigsaw puzzle are calling my name. Over and out for now! ~ thanks again!

p.s. To all who read this to the end, thank you for taking the time. Blessings, love, and safety to all.

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