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When I got my first DSLR camera in 2011, I had no idea the instrument in my hand would profoundly change the way I see the world. I had no idea it would open my eyes to a world of wonder and magic that had been in front of me the whole time, equally available to all, at every given moment. I had no idea my love and appreciation of the natural world would grow and grow, and grow and grow on a daily basis. 


Nature is there to remind us who we are, and also who we are not. It's that kind of dichotomy, that all or nothing being equally and simultaneously important, that opens the doors to the infinite, where all possibilities exist. Einstein wonderfully and simply summed up this change of perception: "There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."


​The act of selling my photography has been a debate in my head for some time now. I had a gnawing feeling the act of selling my photographs might somehow diminish my love of the art. I'm also not a professional. I simply love exploring this magnificent planet and capturing and sharing her majestic, ever-changing beauty. So who do I think I am, I'd often think.  And, who do I think I am to potentially profit off the beauty of nature that's free to everyone?


Then this past winter happened. The season brought with it teachers who challenged me to take a long, deep, hard look at my thoughts. The resistance I felt to do so (at first) was paralyzing. At times, it felt like I was going mad. The most uncomfortable, out-of-my-skin feeling I'd ever felt. To be so intimately close to, and acutely aware of my own thoughts was a river I was certain I'd drown in. 


But I didn't. I swam. And then I swam some more. And then I cried.  And then I cried some more.  And then I eventually started to feel better, and better, and better. My insecurities and concerns faded to the background, and I started to remember: authenticity, in all forms of expression and art, is the only thing that ultimately matters - nature doesn't even comprehend judgment


So here is me. Here are some of my photographs for sale. Choosing which of my approximately 70,000 photographs to include in this site was (and will continue to be) the greatest production challenge. I will be swapping photographs in and out periodically, and working on improving this site often.


If there's a photograph you've seen on my Facebook or Instagram pages, but don't see here and want to purchase, please reach out to let me know which one. If I have a high-resolution version of it, I'll add it to this purchasing site. I'll even name the photograph after you or a title of your choosing. That is of course only if you want me to. Or, if you have a favorite tree, nature spot, landscape or beloved pet you would like me to photograph, please reach out. 


On a final note, photography means quite a bit more to me than just capturing and sharing nature's majestic beauty. Photography fulfills a strong sense of duty I feel to be a humble voice for nature in the battle for our planet's preservation. My ultimate goal is to inspire... To infuse a similar sense of awe, wonderment, and respect I feel in moments of deep appreciation of our collective home. 


​Thanks again for stopping by! 

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